Former US Attorney General Visits Beaver Dam

(Beaver Dam) A former United States Attorney General spoke to volunteers at the Dodge County Democrats Office in Beaver Dam Wednesday. Eric Holder says what happens in Wisconsin come November 8th, will have larger ramifications across the country.
“What happens here…a lot of people focus on it…if Republicans are successful here they’ll use the tactics in this state and take them other places,” says Holder. “Like I said no pressure…but the fate of American democracy is really just focused on just a couple of states and this is one of them.”
Holder says this election comes down to getting people out to the polls.
“If our people get out there…if we get them to the polls…we will win,” says Holder. “This is a turnout election. There’s not a lot of convincing that’s [going to] go on between now and next Tuesday. This is a question of getting our people to the polls…convincing them that its important…in particular young people…getting young people to the polls.”