Former Mayville Police Officer Charged With Child Enticement

(Mayville) A former Mayville police officer was charged Friday with having inappropriate contact with a minor. Mark Forster is facing felony charges of Child Enticement and Misconduct in Office as well as a misdemeanor count of Contribute to the Delinquency of a Minor.

According to the criminal complaint, Forster got to know the 17-year-old during her senior year of high school in 2016 and would visit her while she was working at a local gas station. Forster, who was 27-years-old at the time, would allegedly flirt and send the victim messages on Facebook while on-duty asking for the two of them to meet up.

Forster would reportedly pull the victim over while in his squad car to talk to her. The victim also allegedly admitted to an incident in early July of 2016 where the two had sexual contact. The teen said Forster was off-duty at the time. Acquaintances reportedly said that Forster would contact the teen often which prompted them to report their relationship to the Mayville Police Department and spurred an internal investigation.

During the inquiry, Forster was found to have allegedly used police software to lookup the victim’s personal information. The internal investigation resulted in Forster resigning from the police department. However, it was not known at the time the full extent of Forster’s relationship with the victim who reportedly said that the defendant guided her to answer questions in a way that would not get him into trouble. Forster allegedly told the victim to call the messages between them (quote) “fantasy.”

It was not until March of 2018 when an administrative assistant came forward and revealed the true nature of Forster’s relationship with the teen. The assistant confronted Forster about his involvement with the victim and he reportedly admitted his actions. Forster had been working with the  Ashippun/Rubicon/Neosho Police Department on a part-time basis since 2014 but Chief Bill Linzenmeyer tells us he has not worked any hours with them since August of 2017.

If convicted on all charges, the 30-year-old Forster is facing roughly 49 years in prison. An initial appearance is scheduled for June 24.