Former Mayville Police Officer Brings Lawsuit Against The City

(Mayville) A former Mayville police officer has brought a lawsuit against the city and their chief of police. Mark Forster had previously brought a claim for compensation that, at last word, Mayville Finance Chair Bob Smith confirms was seeking in excess of $700-thousand dollars for lost wages and benefits, emotional distress and punitive damages. Forster’s attorney, Sean E. Lees, stated in that claim then Acting-Chief Ryan Vossekuil broke a clause stating that all parties keep the events leading to the agreement strictly confidential and that the agreements terms and conditions are not to be disclosed to any anyone other than Forster’s spouse, attorneys, union representatives and tax or financial advisors, unless compelled to do so by law. Lees says Vossekuil, who became chief of police in October, sent a letter on August 31st regarding a perceived conflict of interest on the city council to the city clerk and Dodge County Sheriff. In that letter Vossekuil mentioned he investigated an alleged incident of misconduct by Forster while employed as a Mayville police officer. Lees maintains that the mention of the alleged misconduct violates the confidentiality agreement. In a separate incident, Vossekuil mentioned the alleged misconduct to Watertown police detectives while they were collecting information related to the alteration of documents by former Mayville Police Chief Chris MacNeill. Forster’s claim was voted down by the city council in February. The lawsuit was filed on March 23 and Smith says that the city’s insurance lawyer has advised the city council that it has merit. Mayville officials will discuss the lawsuit during their common council meeting Monday night.