Former Fox Lake Police Chief In Court

2/3/17 – Former Fox Lake Police Chief Pat Lynch had court activity in Dodge County yesterday. The 60-year-old was charged six years ago with three counts of First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child and three counts of Stalking, all felonies. The alleged assault of a seven-year-old child occurred in the summer of 1989 at home in Randolph. The victim’s father worked with Lynch at the Randolph Police Department at the time. The victim says, years later, Lynch kept showing up where she worked and would drive his police car past her home. He is also accused of stalking a woman who used to work for the Fox Lake Police Department – as well as a man who was dating his ex-wife.  Lynch resigned as police chief in Fox Lake in the spring of 2009. The charges were filed in 2010 and Lynch pled “not guilty” to all counts at arraignment in February of 2011. Lynch has not appeared in court in over three years but his attorneys held a telephone scheduling conference yesterday. At issue has been access to privileged records of the victim’s mental health treatment. Attorneys for Lynch want to introduce the records as evidence but prosecutors objected and the matter went to the state’s high court. A court of appeals for the Wisconsin Supreme Court this summer upheld a circuit court decision that sided with Lynch allowing the victims sensitive mental health records to be introduced at trial. A motion hearing is now scheduled for April 19.