A Former Fox Lake Corrections Officer Found Guilty

7/1/17 – A former Fox Lake corrections worker pled no contest at her sentencing hearing on Thursday to having inappropriate contact with an inmate. Jennifer Stehling was found guilty of Second Degree Sexual Assault by Correctional Staff. The 45-year-old committed the offense in January of 2016 while a nurse at Fox Lake Correctional. The relationship was uncovered in June when prison officials noticed that a 30-year-old inmate attempted to make around 650 calls to a staffer and started monitoring the conversations. The two discussed whether or not the inmate had contracted any sexually transmitted diseases. Stehling admitted to chatting with the inmate before later conceding that the two had consensual contact. A calendar of Stehling’s work schedule and a picture of her residence were later discovered in the inmate’s cell. Stehling was sentenced to 7 months in jail with work release privileges and must serve 30 months of parole.