Former County Employee Not Happy With Health Care Changes

(Juneau) A former Dodge County employee is not happy with the recent changes in their health insurance coverage. Last month, the county board agreed to withdraw from the state health plan. One of the reasons given for the change is that the state plan did not allow for multiple plan designs and there were uncertainties if the plan will be offered in the future. Russ Schrab says retired and current employees received a letter this week notifying them that the county will be using DeanCare as their health insurance provider moving forward. He says the UW system doctors he had been seeing are no longer in-network with DeanCare. Schrab notes his premiums for his single plan while with the state plane was $465 dollars and under DeanCare that would go up to $643, which he says is too much for him to afford. Dodge County Director of Human Resources Sarah Hinze says there are high deductible plans with DeanCare that would be more comparable for those who had lower premiums with the state plan. She says there are resources available to help retired and current employees find an insurance plan that best suits them. Hinze says DeanCare is providing a transition of care for those who are in active treatment. Employees or retirees would fill out a form and then be directed to a care consultant to assist them throughout the process. Hinze says there will be upcoming informational meetings for retirees and those transitioning into retirement to cover any concerns they may have.