Former Booster Club President Convicted Of Skimming

9/21/17 –  A Beaver Dam man was convicted yesterday of stealing thousands of dollars from the cash box at the concession stands of Beaver Dam High School football games. Craig Piekarski, the former president of the school’s Booster Club, pled to reduced misdemeanor charges of Theft of Movable Property. Prosecutors say the 43-year-old had taken $2837 during the 2016 football season from the concession stand cash box, fraudulent cash withdrawals with the Booster Club debit card and by having the treasurer write checks for supplies that were never obtained. School officials learned about the skimming after receipts from games came in below the previous year’s totals. When asked if he had taken the money, Piekarski took full responsibility and said he used the money to gamble hoping to earn enough money before returning the cash box to the school to reimburse what he had taken. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for October 30.