Former BDHS Student Sentenced For Threatening Email

8/21/17 – A former Beaver Dam student behind threats that led to the cancellation of school districtwide in May will be able to avoid a felony record if he stays out of trouble while on probation for the next year. Dylan Graf was placed on deferred prosecution Friday on a felony charge of Making Terrorist Threats. The 17-year-old and two minors composed a threatening email to an associate principal that said, in part, (quote) “I plan to enter the proximity of your board of education tomorrow with hatred within my grasp.  With a pistol in one hand, and the button that shall set off several explosive materials in the other…. I hate all of you…Don’t try and stop me, there’s no way to find out who I am.  I advise you to be prepared tomorrow.  I’ll be executing my plan during the 4th period.  So long and goodnight.” Graf is also not allowed any contact with the Beaver Dam School District properties.