Former Ag Teacher Completes Update On Book

7/5/17 – Former teacher at Beaver Dam High School David Laatsch recently completed an update to a statewide agricultural book. It is titled ‘A History of Vocational Agriculture in Wisconsin’ and was written to highlight funding of agricultural studies in public schools. Laatsch says he is grateful for the background work done by Floyd Doering who was the books original author and state FFA advisor from 1972 to 1988. He says he was able to make personal contacts with many individuals who were involved in the early developments of agricultural studies. Doering compiled the information that detailed 1900 to 1976 while Laatsch re-worked the 1976 to 1995 section which was his primary teaching years. Laatsch says he added his own personal touch into the book through a receipt that he got when he first became a member of the FFA. He adds that everyone single person who teaches agriculture is a part of its history. The book is available to order and for free download one June 28 through the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators website at You can also call 262-470-8369 to find out more information.