Food Prices Continue Upward Trend

10/5/11 – Wisconsin food prices jumped by almost 12-percent during the year ending September 30th – and more than two-percent in the last three months alone. That’s according to the state Farm Bureau Federation’s Market Basket survey released this week. The bureau says the total cost of 16 food items in two dozen cities was 50-dollars and 55-cents for the three months ending September 30th. That’s a dollar more than in June, and over five-and-a-quarter dollars more than in September of last year. Casey Langan of the Farm Bureau blamed extreme weather, strong worldwide demand, and high energy prices for getting the food to your table. Ten of the 16 items checked in the survey rose during the last quarter. Eggs jumped 20-percent to over a-dollar-and-a-half per dozen. Red delicious apples, bagged salad, and shredded mild cheddar cheese also had sizable price hikes. The items that went down were Cheerios’ cereal, sirloin tip roast, sliced deli ham, vegetable oil, boneless chicken breasts, and ground chuck.