Fond Du Lac Man Charged With Choking Out Dodge County Jail Staffer Heading To Trial

(Juneau) A Fond du Lac man is heading to trial on charges he choked out a staff member at the Dodge County Jail. Travis Bruemmer is facing five felony counts including Taking Hostages, Second Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, and Strangulation. During a preliminary hearing Thursday, probable cause was found against Bruemmer to bind the case over for trial.

A jail staff member went to see Bruemmer for a medical check on May 19th. According to the criminal complaint, Bruemmer told the staffer that he could not remain quarantined in his cell for 14-days. Bruemmer had been jailed earlier that month on charges he fled Dodge County authorities on his motorcycle while allegedly stealing gasoline. During the medical check Bruemmer reportedly stepped behind the staffer, placed his left arm around her neck, while he grabbed her right arm and bent it up behind her back.

The staffer was able to press her panic alarm but was unable to break free. Bruemmer allegedly told her to give him her keys and began squeezing harder around her neck. Several correctional officers rushed to free the staffer from Bruemmer, who reportedly began squeezing even harder, restricting the staffer’s ability to breath until she lost consciousness. A taser was used to subdue Bruemmer who was restrained while guards removed the staffer from his chokehold. If convicted, the 33-year-old faces over 85 years in prison. Bruemmer is already facing 32 years in prison on his Fleeing and Robbery charges.