Fond du Lac Company Mercury Marine Being Sued for Refusing to Pay Bonuses

About 100 managers at Mercury Marine say their bosses are refusing to pay seven-million-dollars in bonuses they were promised. Now, they’re suing the top executives of the Fond du Lac company for 10-and-a-half million – which includes punitive damages. The lawsuit was first filed in Fond du Lac County by a manager at a facility in North Carolina. But the managers have since asked the Federal Court in Green Bay to take the case. About 70-percent of the plaintiffs live in Wisconsin. According to the lawsuit, Mercury promised the bonuses in April of last year – and the amounts would be determined by how much their employees saved in operating costs. The managers said they were expecting a combined seven-million-dollars at the end of the year. But Mercury decided not to pay them. The company said its parent firm, Brunswick, did not pay bonuses to any managers due to the weak economy.