Flood Recovery Efforts Continue, Preliminary Damage Estimates

(Columbus) The recovery phase from the Crawfish River flooding last week continues in the city of Columbus. An inspection of the bridge at Highway 16 and 60 is expected by weeks end though the structure remains closed. Columbus residents who have flood damage items can go to the Department of Public Works on East School Street, during normal business hours 7am-to-3:30pm Monday-Friday, and on Saturday from 9am-to-noon. Residents from the Town of Elba at should contact town officials for further information on disposal of flood-damaged items. The phone number for the Town is 920-623-2225.

Residents who had damage from the flood need to fill out a Damage Assessment Form that can be found on the City of Columbus website: www.cityofcolumbuswi.com. This information should account for any and all personal property damaged by the flooding as it will be used to determine if further financial assistance will be made available through the State and Federal government.

The form is an on-line, fillable form – if you have limited access to a computer, you can visit the Columbus Public Library at 223 W. James Street, Columbus.  If you have questions on the form, please contact Columbus Emergency Management at 920-623-5900.  Completed forms should be submitted per the instructions on the form by Friday, March 29, 2019.

Meanwhile, in Green Lake County, flooding is ongoing in the city of Berlin and a few homes and streets are affected. Everyone affected is still able to remain in their homes. Sandbags have been placed in appropriate spots to anticipate the rising Fox River. The city of Berlin has a sandbag fill site at the Public Works garage and residents have been filling bags.

In Fond du Lac County, 17 displaced residents are still staying overnight at a church. Damage assessments and clean‐up operations continue.

The Crawfish River at Milford will be in moderate flood stage through Friday while the Rock River at Lake Koshkonong and Jefferson, the Fox River at Berlin, and the Manitowoc River at Manitowoc will be in moderate flood stage through next week.

The latest report from the State Emergency Operations Center on Wednesday showed about $455,000 in damage to roads and bridges. About $250,000 has been spent so far on debris removal and another $233,000 on emergency protective work, including sandbagging and pumping.