Fleeing Suspect Waives Prelim

3/23/12 – A Minnesota man who allegedly led police on a traffic pursuit through two counties earlier this month has waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Steven Persinger of St. James, Minnesota is charged with felony Fleeing an Officer and misdemeanor Obstruction. According to the criminal complaint, the 25-year-old is in the process of moving back to Wisconsin and was at his storage unit when he was observed by Randolph police, who say they found his being at a storage unit at 1am suspicious. Persinger was said to be agitated by the amount of time it took officers to verify that he had two outstanding Columbia County arrest warrants. When asked to get out of the vehicle, Persinger allegedly lit a cigarette and then took off going the speed limit and obeying other traffic laws until Fall River police popped his tires using road spikes. Authorities executed a high-risk traffic stop with guns drawn while Persinger remained on the phone until eventually surrendering without further incident. When informed that he had just possibly committed a felony, Persinger was reportedly surprised, saying when he (quote) “ran from police in Minnesota it was just a misdemeanor.” An arraignment hearing is on the calendar next month.