Five GOP Senators Oppose Heavy Truck Fee For Road Work

7/2/17 – Five Wisconsin senators have come out against a proposed new fee on heavy trucks to help bring in enough revenue to get stalled highway projects going. Some of the conservative Republicans issued a statement against the truck fee, saying, “Now is not the time to increase taxes on our citizens.” The five senators in opposition are Steve Nass, David Craig, Duey Strobel, Chris Kapenga, and Frank Lasee. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says it’s clear that there are not enough G-O-P votes to pass a new heavy truck fee as part of the next state budget — which was supposed to take effect Saturday but majority Republicans continue to disagree on how to pay highway work, and they’ve still not reached an agreement on education funding. Unlike some states, Wisconsin does not shut down its government if a new budget does not pass on time — and until it’s adopted, the old budget remains in effect.