Five Dodge County Board Supervisors File Non-Candidacy

12/22/17 – Thursday was the deadline for incumbent office holders to file paperwork stating that they will not be seeking re-election. Five of the 33 supervisors on the Dodge County Board have filed Non-Candidacy papers. Glenn Stousland of Beaver Dam is not seeking re-election to his District 31 seat and currently no known candidates are circulating papers. Janice Bobholz of the Town of Beaver Dam filed a Declaration of Non-Candidacy in District Five this week. Jeff Schmitt, who was unseated by Bobholz in 2014, has filed his nomination papers. In the Mayville area, former supervisor Eugene Wurtz has submitted the required paperwork for the District 14 seat he lost in 2012. Incumbent Jeremy Bartsch filed Non-Candidacy on Tuesday. Jeff Duchac of the Town of Chester has filed notification of non-candidacy for his District 25, Waupun-area seat. There are currently no other candidates running for the open seat. Incumbent Supervisor Ed Nelson of the Town of Westford is not seeking re-election to his District Four Beaver Dam-area seat. Evonne Boettge is circulating paperwork while Dale Macheel has submitted nomination papers. The deadline to run in April is 5pm on January 2.