Fitzgerald To Introduce Bills Strengthening Sex Trafficking Laws

(Clyman) State Senator Scott Fitzgerald says one of his goals during his next term in office will be to address some of the shortcomings in sex trafficking laws in Wisconsin. The Juneau Republican secured another four-year term on Tuesday. We spoke to Fitzgerald shortly after the results came in and he told us that municipalities need more tools in dealing with businesses that allow unlawful practices. Fitzgerald says there are a number of different avenues and concepts that will need to be explored to put more teeth into state statutes specifically related to strip clubs. He says the “lynch-pin” is figuring out a way to pull the liquor licenses more easily from offending establishments. He plans to be focused on introducing several bills in January. Fitzgerald has issued several statements in the past several months about alleged incidents of prostitution, sex trafficking and other criminal activity at strip clubs in his district. The latest came over the weekend, after the FBI made two arrests at the strip club in Clyman.