Fitzgerald Holds Conference Call With Canadian Officials

4/21/17 – Several Wisconsin State Legislators held a conference call with Canadian officials yesterday to discuss the ongoing dairy crisis affecting dozens of Wisconsin farmers. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he is “disappointed that the representatives of the Canadian government have not demonstrated the [same] sense of urgency” about the crisis impacting local dairy farms. The Juneau Republican says this is a critical situation for a huge number of Wisconsin families and he says the legislature will continue to press the Canadian representatives until there is a satisfactory explanation for this shift in their trade policy. Fitzgerald says he was discouraged that yesterday’s call did not result in a solution to this crisis but is encouraged that open dialogue has been initiated. He says the legislature will continue to work to find ways to assist the affected farmers. Fitzgerald is encouraging dairy farmers to contact his office along with the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection for assistance. The Ag Department’s Farm Center is currently offering a number of resources for those affected by this situation, including those who have lost a processor. About 100 farmers will soon lose Grassland Dairy in Greenwood and Nasonville Dairy near Marshfield as buyers for their milk, after Canadian cheese processors stopped taking that milk following a pricing change which helped the country’s own farmers. The Ag Department’s Farm Center toll-free phone number is 1-800-942-2474.