Fitzgerald Calls Evers Veto Of Crime Bill ‘Mistake’

(Madison) Governor Tony Evers on Friday vetoed Republican-authored crime legislation. On bill would have required Department of Corrections to attempt to revoke probation and other types of state supervision for offenders if they were charged with committing new crimes. Another would have allowed judges to incarcerate teens if they were to commit crimes that would be treated as a felony if they were adults. A third bill would have place additional restrictions on early release from prison.

Republicans cited concerns with car-jackings and reckless driving in introducing the legislation. But Democrats say that crime is down in Milwaukee and say the additional prison time would have cost near one billion dollars in the next couple years.

State Senator Scott Fitzgerald called the veto a mistake saying that his caucus takes “the issue of crime in our communities seriously.” The Juneau Republican says the state cannot put a price tag on keeping communities safe from the types of repeat, violent offenders.”

Evers said in his veto message that he would not let Wisconsin move in the wrong direction on criminal justice reform and public safety.

Evers did sign legislation Friday that strengthens drunken driving sentences and mandates police departments that use body cameras to keep that footage for at least four months or longer in some cases.