Fish Kill Estimated At Between 5K-10K

6/20/17 – Preliminary numbers suggest between five and 10-thousand fish were killed last week on the Beaver Dam River apparently when the dam was adjusted for a street project. City Attorney Mary Ann Schacht says the city is not confirming anything until the investigation is complete. Mayor Becky Glewen last night updated the city council and indicated that the fish kill may be related to the closure of the dam to stop the flow of water so that concrete could be poured downstream for the culvert replacement project on Cooper Street. She says on Thursday, the city began to gradually lower the water that was coming through the dam to the minimal level allowed by the DNR. Glewen said a member of the public notified a city department head of the fish kill Thursday night and three hours later, just after midnight on Friday morning, they reopened the dam. The fish died downstream below the dam because water levels were so low. While it remains to be seen who or what is to blame for the fish kill, the mayor says moving forward there needs to be a better communication in place. President of the Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association Bill Boettge says most of the fish lost were game fish. He says the association spends roughly $20,000 a year stocking pan-fish and game fish in the lake, with the plan to stock more wall-eye this fall at $4 apiece. Boettge says the group does not currently have the means to restock the lake but he does say that it should not affect fishing to any great degree.