Fischer Easing Off Council Reduction, Still Supports Referendum

6/8/11 – Newly-elected Beaver Dam Alderman Mick Fischer says now is the wrong time to consider reducing the size of the common council. During his campaign, Fischer was critical of the size of the 14-member body, which he says is bigger than any other city council in the state, of comparable size. With the need to re-arrange city wards to comply with new county board districts, Fischer says now may not be the right time to eliminate council seats. Alderpersons on both sides of the council reduction issue have supported the idea of an advisory referendum to gauge public support before making any lasting decisions. Fischer says a referendum has been one of his primary motivations this whole time. There is no law that requires a city council to reduce its size following the census, it just tends to be make for an easier transition because voting wards are being redrawn anyway.