First Month Vehicle Sales Of Year Are Down When Compared To 2019

(Dodge County) Vehicle sales in the region in the first month of the year were down when compared to 2019. According to the Waterloo-based industry-tracking firm Reg-Trak, there were 279 vehicle sales in Dodge County last month, down over 13-percent from the 324 sold in January of 2019. Car sales in Dodge County decreased by ten or 25-percent over last year. Truck sales also saw a decline, to 250 sold, a drop of 12-percent. In Columbia County, vehicle sales were up five-percent with 227 sold, eleven more than the same timeframe last year. Truck sales were also up six-percent, but car sales dropped by four-percent. In Jefferson County, 184 vehicles rolled off dealer lots last month, just under 16-percent less than the 219 sold the previous January. Car sales saw a steep decline of 40-percent while truck sales dropped close to 10-percent. The nine-county, south-central Wisconsin region as a whole experienced a three-point-eight-percent (3.8%) decline with 3581 vehicle sales. Truck sales in the region were up by less than one percent while car sales were down over 22-percent.