Finance Committee Reviews 2018 Dodge County Budget

The Finance Committee, department heads, and county board members reviewed the Dodge County budget last night. Finance Committee Member David Frohling says the budget process has gone well with all parties working together. He says mostly everything in the budget was approved except for one item that was the center of discussion during the meeting last night. That item was $40,000 dollars of sales tax dollars that was to be used for a grant to be given to the Dodge County Fire Chief’s Association to purchase water rescue equipment.  Concerns were raised about the proper use of the sales tax dollars so a motion was made by Supervisor Donna Maly to change it to levy dollars. The finance committee passed that amendment and reapplied the $40,000 to the highway department. Frohling says a second amendment was approved to remove the $40,000 grant out of the budget entirely but to leave the levy the same. He says that it will not affect the levy’s bottom line and the final decision will be made at the county board’s meeting next month. The proposed $111-million-dollar budget includes a tax levy of just over $33.8-million dollars. The preliminary mill rate of $5.50 would be 13-cents less than the number homeowners saw last December. Final adoption is slated for November 14.