Final Fair Food Festival At Dodge County Fairgrounds Is Saturday

(Beaver Dam) The final Fair Food Festival at the Dodge County Fairgrounds is Saturday. The monthly series of events features sweet treats, fried fair food, and an assortment of food carts. A variety of new vendors will be showcased during each month’s event. Vendors for today’s event includes CW Concessions, Mr. P’s Grilled Cheese, Jakarta Café, Patriot Popcorn, Ben’s Pretzels, and Cream Puffs. Lizzie’s Lemonade will also be available. Three new vendors this month include two stands from Race Rock with funnel cakes, cow pies, and fried Oreos in the first trailer. Trailer two features several flavors of macaroni and cheese plus walking tacos. DND Smoke Shack is the third new vendor for October with smoked pulled pork, smoked 1-inch pork chops, smoked pork ribs, cowboy beans, and mac ‘n cheese. A number of musical shows are also planned with performances by Batteries Not Included, Sharing Wednesday, and Trash Pandas. Food purchases during the festival will help support the non-profit Dodge County Fair Association as well as the participating vendors, who may have endured hardships in 2020. Visitors are welcome to enjoy a socially distanced meal at one of the picnic tables provided or bring their own lawn chairs. The event will begin at 11am and run until 8pm.