Feingold Speaks to Residents of “Walkerville”

6/13/11 – Former U-S Senate Democrat Russ Feingold fired up the Walker protest campers near the State Capitol last night. He told supporters that Republicans quote, “went right for the jugular” when they chose Wisconsin to demonize public employees with the governor’s limits on collective bargaining. Feingold also accused the G-O-P of destroying the right to vote by passing the photo I-D mandate. And he said Republicans abused the budget process by crafting a package that cuts local government and school aid while helping business. Feingold told the campers at the so-called “Walkerville” they’re there because quote, “We will not stop until we win.” Some people chanted “Run Russ Run” during his speech. Democrats at their recent state convention said Feingold was the top candidate for both Herb Kohl’s U-S Senate seat in 2012, and the governor’s office should Republican Scott Walker go up for a recall vote next year.