Feingold Debating Senate Run

6/3/11 – Seven months after voters removed him from the U-S Senate, Democrat Russ Feingold says he might ask them to send him back. He tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he’ll decide by Labor Day whether he’ll run for Wisconsin’s other Senate seat, to be given up by Democrat Herb Kohl next year. Feingold says he’s also been approached about running for governor – either next year, if Scott Walker goes up for a recall vote, or in 2014 when the next scheduled governor’s contest takes place. Feingold says he has not decided which office would be more appealing or winnable – and his first decision is whether-or-not to return to the political arena at all. After 28 years in the state-and-U-S Senates, Feingold says a break from politics is healthy for him right now. He’s been teaching at Marquette University, writing a book, and running a liberal political group called “Progressives United.” State Democrats will hold their annual convention in Milwaukee starting tomorrow night. Feingold says he won’t speak – because the podium is meant for current office-holders and announced candidates. A recent survey by the Public Policy Polling firm showed that Feingold is easily the most popular Democrat in the state. Seventy-percent preferred him over seven other possible Democratic hopefuls for Kohl’s seat.

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