February 17, 2013

Man Arrested In Domestic Incident Involving AK-47


2/17/13 – More than 30 empty casings from a high-powered rifle were found on the ground outside a town of Lebanon residence early Saturday morning after a domestic altercation. Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls says a woman called 9-1-1 around midnight to report her 30-year-old boyfriend was allegedly shooting at her in the 100 block of Warbler Way. The man retreated to the residence when police arrived and refused to come out. SWAT was called-in but before they were deployed the man surrendered and was taken into custody around 1 a.m. Nehls says they found the casings in the road and in a snowbank that the woman was apparently hiding behind. They also found what Nehls described as an AK-47-style rifle with a full magazine and three more magazines right next to it. The man was arrested and could be charged with a number of felonies. The woman was also taken into custody for obstruction of justice.


Partygoer Crashes Police Raid


2/17/13 – Rarely do the people that police are searching for fall right into their laps. But that’s almost exactly what happened early Saturday morning. Dodge County dispatchers started receiving calls around 2:30 a.m. with the person on the other end hanging up. They were able to plot the call to an address on County Highway I in the town of Beaver Dam. When they attempted to make contact at the residence no one answered. They left but soon after the calls started again. This time the person on the other end said there was drinking going on and whispering “Highway I” before hanging up. At that point, deputies felt they had probable cause and entered the residence. When they got inside they started looking for the person that lived there but were unsuccessful. That was, until the man crashed through the ceiling and landed right at their feet. Officials say the man had apparently gone into the attic to hide because he had been drinking and wasn’t 21. There were at least five people inside the residence and deputies issued several underage drinking tickets. One person was also arrested for violating his probation by using marijuana.


Telemarketing Tops Consumer Complaint List


2/17/13 – For the 10th year in a row, telemarketers are the Number-One consumer complaint in Wisconsin. The state’s Consumer Protection agency will release its annual Top-10 list of the complaint letters it received in 2012. Almost two-thousand people were bothered enough by unwanted sales calls to write out complaints to Madison. The Wisconsin State Journal said over 300 cease-and-desist orders were sent to telemarketers last year. But illegal robo-calls are almost impossible to stop, even for those on the state’s do-not-call list. Consumer protection administrator Sandy Chalmers says you should hang up when getting one of those calls – and if you press a key or speak to an operator, you’ll just invite other telemarketers to call you. Landlord-tenant disputes were a distant second on the state’s list, with 940 written complaints. Various tele-communication complaints were third, followed by identity theft – especially the thefts of Social Security numbers. Home improvement scams are Number-five, followed by appliance store complaints. Over 200 complaints were filed when Milwaukee’s Appliance World closed, affecting buyers who paid for merchandise but never had it delivered. State officials intervened, and they said over 89-thousand dollars in goods were returned. Motor vehicle sales were the seventh most common complaint. Gas pump inaccuracies, vehicle repairs, and contests round out the Top-10.


Waukesha Company Sees Superstorm Sales Spike


2/17/13 – A Waukesha company that makes back-up electric generators reported a 28-percent sales increase from October-through-December, when Superstorm Sandy hit. Generac Holdings reported a net income of 28-million-dollars in the final quarter of last year, with earnings of 41-cents a share. Figures from the previous year were much higher, due an income tax benefit of 238-million dollars. Generac reported a 49-percent sales increase for all of 2012, with total revenues of one-point-two billion dollars. The firm’s net income for the year was around 93-million. Generac C-E-O Aaron Jagdfeld said the company has nearly doubled its business over the last two years, after last year’s 49-percent sales growth came after a 34-percent hike in 2011.


Farm To Schools Program


2/17/13 – Wisconsin agriculture officials are trying to get local groups to join a program that encourages healthy eating in K-to-12 schools. The program is called “Farm to School.” The federal government provides the money, and the state is working with the Ameri-Corps volunteer program to help schools get locally-produced items to their youngsters. The goal is to reduce childhood obesity. Additional state agencies are being encouraged to get on board, along with universities and non-profit organizations. The deadline to apply is April 26th. Ameri-Corps said it received 23 applications a year ago, and chose seven groups to be in the “Farm to School” program.


Four Outstanding Young Farmers From Wisconsin


2/17/13 – A couple from southwest Wisconsin has been named one of four national Outstanding Young Farmers. Brian and Stephanie Perkins of Richland Center received the honor at a recent program in Albuquerque New Mexico. The Perkins run a three-thousand acre farm that makes both conventional and organic grains. They were among 10 finalists chosen from winners of state events. The U-S Jaycees runs the Outstanding Young Farmer program, with help from the Outstanding-Farmers-of-America fraternity, John Deere, and the National Association of County Agriculture Agents. The other national winners include a couple from neighboring Minnesota – Nick and Tara Meyer, who run a 200-cow dairy farm at Sauk Centre. The other winners were from California and Florida.


UW Scientists Looking For Alien Life On Earth


2/17/13 – U-W Madison scientists are part of a national effort to find evidence of alien life. And despite what they tell us on “Star Trek,” space is not the “final frontier” for this project. Researchers are studying rocks on Earth which are up to three-and-a-half billion years old. The scientists are looking for isotopes and elements which reveal possible evidence of alien life. Clark Johnson of the Wisconsin Astro-Biology Research Consortium says there are always stories hidden in rocks. And scientists must be clever enough to find the tools needed to quote, “interrogate those rocks to find what story they preserve.” The project has spent seven-million-dollars of federal NASA funding over the last five years – and another five-year grant of the same amount kicked in last month. The consortium is made up of 50 staff members, post-doctoral fellows, and students from 24 institutions in five nations. U-W Madison has about 25 of those participants.


First Lutheran Hosting Bonhoeffer Presentation


2/17/13 – The First Lutheran Church is hosting a presentation tomorrow (Monday 2/18) on the life and times of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian pastor during the time of Nazi Germany.  Pastor Mark Molldrem has studied and read extensively on the life and death of the martyr.


“Bonhoeffer was hung in Flossenburg prison on April 9, 1945, just days before Allied liberation, because of his role in the bomb plot on Hitler’s life,” Molldrem says, “Here is an individual who defied the state church of his day and also the Nazi rule in Germany as he made a stand on principles for what was right on behalf of the oppressed.  Such an example of religious and political courage is sorely needed these days.”


The presentation will include an overview of the times in which Bonhoeffer lived, the tension between the state church and the “Confessional Church,” the radical understanding of discipleship that drove Bonhoeffer to move from a position of pacifism to becoming a spy for the conspirators who plotted to kill Hitler, and Bonhoeffer’s profound insights on God’s grace that supports and strengthens a person in the daily struggles of life. There is no cost and the public is invited to attend.