Dodge County Highway Safety Reminds Motorists Of Farmers On The Road

(Dodge County) The Dodge County Highway Safety Commission is urging motorists to be patient during harvest season as there will be a noticeable increase in tractor and farm implements traveling on all Dodge County roadways.  During the busy harvest season, it’s typical for motorists to come upon and seek to pass heavy farm equipment. Motorists should use caution when sharing the road and use extra caution.  Dodge County Highway Safety Coordinator Joel Kiesow says most farm tractor accidents happen when the tractor is making a right or left turn, at the same time the car driver decides to pass.   He says when a  farm vehicle pulls to the right it doesn’t necessarily mean it is letting you pass, due to their size, some are preparing to make wide left turns. Check for hand signals and look for gates or driveways where the equipment might be headed. This extra step can save lives.


Kiesow states that most rural roads have narrow shoulders and motorists also need to be alert when cresting hills, as there might be a farm tractor on the other side. The Dodge County Highway Safety Commission has compiled a list of quick tips for motorists.


  • Do not pass if there are hills or curves which may block your view.
  • Do not pass if you are in a designated “No Passing Zone” or within 100 feet of any intersection, railroad crossing, or bridge.
  • Do not assume if farm equipment slows down and pulls out to the right that they will be turning right or is letting you pass. Due to the size of today’s farm equipment many must execute very wide left-hand turns and in fact may be turning left instead. Check for hand signals, turn signals, or approaches.
  • Remember that farm equipment is very large and cannot stop on a dime


Most of all the Dodge County Highway Safety Commission wants to remind everyone that patience is key when encountering any slow moving vehicles.