Farm Support Program Aides Dodge County Farms

(Dodge County) Dodge County farmers received nearly $2-million-dollars of the $50-million disbursed through the 2021 Farm Support ProgramThis is the third round of the Farm Support Program which provides direct aid payments to Wisconsin farmers who experienced economic losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. In total, the governor has directed $100million to support Wisconsin farmers through this program. The first two rounds of the Farm Support Program distributed more than $50 million to more than 15,000 farmers across the state in 2020. This most recent round of the Farm Support Program saw a 33percent increase in applications. Direct support to farmers through three rounds of the Farm Support Program exceeded $1 million in more than half of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. Dodge County received $1.7-million-dollars in round one and $265-thousand in round two bringing the support directed to farmers through the program’s life to $3.6-million-dollarsGovernor Tony Evers says from trade wars and supply chain issues to environmental challenges, Wisconsin farmers have faced challenges for years as they have worked to make sure Wisconsinites and families across the country could put food on their tables.