Fall River School District Seeking Interim Superintendent Following Termination

(Fall River) The Fall River School Board meet in closed session Monday night to discuss two vacant positions…one that was made following a resignation and another that was the result of a termination. The school board voted unanimously last Wednesday to fire District Superintendent Michael Garrow. According to the minutes from the September 4 meeting, the board (quote) “reviewed materials and listened to information presented by [the] District Administrator and his attorney.” School Board President Keith Miller says Garrow’s termination was based on matters that were brought to the board that did originate in the Fall River School District.

During last night’s meeting, the school board also accepted the resignation of Business Manager Andy Christensen who is retiring. Members of the board as well as the community had the opportunity to give their pros and cons to three different options for filling the positions: make a permanent hire, a temporary hire or repurpose current staff to cover job responsibilities for the two openings. After listening to public input and discussing the matter for over an hour in closed session, the board passed two motions.

The first was to table hiring a business manager until roles and responsibilities are hammered out by the school board with the assistance from a third-party firm such as CESA 5 or some other outside agency. The second was to immediately post an opening for an interim superintendent with the expectation that individual can bring business management guidance to the district. Miller says a reason against hiring a permanent superintendent in September is because of a depleted candidate pool, indicating there could be more options next year. He says whoever fills the superintendent position needs to fit the culture and climate of the district.

Miller says the district will began looking for a permanent hire in January because that is when contracts for administrators are typically finalized. He says the individual hired on the interim basis could re-apply.