Fall River, Friesland Among Those Who Don’t Remove Containments from Water

2/27/12 – It’s been nine months since the governor and state lawmakers dropped a requirement that communities disinfect their drinking water. And the Wisconsin State Journal says at least 60 water supplies in the Badger State, including those in Fall River and Friesland, do not remove contaminants that cause viruses, despite risks that continue to be documented. Mark Borchardt, a former Marshfield Clinic scientist who went to the U-S Agriculture Department, has discovered numerous viruses in drinking water. And a new study of 14 Wisconsin communities is about to be published. The State Journal said it linked their groundwater to respiratory and gastro-intestinal illnesses in kids-and-adults that Borchardt tracked during a two-year period. The D-N-R cited his findings a couple years ago, when it required that communities treat their water to remove viruses. But after Republicans took control of the Legislature in 2011, freshman Representative Erik Severson of Star Prairie cited the high cost of complying – and he convinced his colleagues to abolish the treatment mandate. Spring Green public works director Greg Wipperfurth says he can count the number of bad water samples on one hand over the last 16 years. He says people don’t want their water treated because of the taste-and-odor of chlorine. But Mineral Point said it saw the light when E-coli showed up in its water last fall. After that, the village spent 15-thousand dollars on a chlorination system.