Evers Doesn’t Regret Signing Recall Petition

State public school Superintendent Tony Evers says he has no regrets about signing a petition to recall Governor Scott Walker. And Walker says he won’t hold it against Evers, as the governor decides whether he’ll endorse anyone in next spring’s election for state superintendent. Evers is running for a second four-year term next spring, and he’s being challenged by State Assembly Republican Don Pridemore of Hartford. Walker said yesterday that he’s still trying to decide whether to endorse either of

the candidates – and he won’t let his decision be affected by Evers’ signing a recall petition. The superintendent was among the 900-thousand people who petitioned for a recall election against the Republican Walker earlier this year – which Walker won by seven points. Evers had been critical of Walker’s proposal to virtually end collective bargaining by most public unions, a move that was since overturned for public schools and local governments. Walker also cut K-to-12 school funding by 800-million dollars. But later, the governor and Evers worked together on a number of issues – including new school performance standards, early childhood screenings for literacy, and a new program that allows non-traditional students to use their life experiences toward college credits. Walker and Evers both say their politics have not always been aligned, but they’ve found ways to work together.