EMS Week: Emergency Responders Encourage Volunteers

5/24/17 – This week is National Emergency Medical Services Week and local officials are using the occasion to encourage more members of the public to become a volunteer first responder or EMT. Dodge County Emergence Management Director Amy Nehls says those who volunteer typically have full time jobs and families and volunteer part time. Nehls says that often they do not have a set schedule and if the pager goes off the must go in. She says that is what makes it difficult to find individuals willing to volunteer their time. Also, the position does not pay much – minimum wage during a response in some communities – but schooling and education are covered. Beaver Dam Fire Department Captain Paul Hartl says those interested must take the job seriously. He says EMT’s are helping people on their worst day and only the best should signup. Certain communities offer ride along experience for people to get a feel for the job as long as basic CPR and first aid requirements are met.