EMS Forum Covers Issues Facing Dodge County

(Juneau) A community forum held Wednesday night allowed the public to ask questions about the study of local EMS staffing shortages and possible consolidations. The Dodge County Board established a steering committee – made up of stakeholders representing EMS agencies, local hospitals and townships – with the goal of finding solutions. In August, the county board hired Strategic Management and Consulting, LLC to perform a study to identify the strengths and weaknesses, resources, best practices and short and long-term sustainable solutions for high-quality service. The study began in September and has been gathering data and interviewing EMS agencies. Dan Williams, with Strategic Management and Consulting LLC, says Dodge County is facing the same issues that other agencies across the country are dealing with. He says the population is aging and that equals a higher call volume. Other problems include the increasing age of first responders which Williams says makes it difficult for people to volunteer due to the strenuous nature of the job. Williams says as a result the ranks are thinning which is magnified by a lack of qualified and interested applicants. He says the goal is to avoid area agencies from having to close down from a lack of volunteers. Williams says it is too early in the study to form any conclusions or make any recommendations. The final report is expected to the presented to the County Board in January.