2019-20 All-Capitol North Boys Basketball Team – Emler Player of Year

Columbus High School senior Ben Emler has been named the 2019-20 Capitol North Conference Player of the Year.  Emler led the Capitol North Conference in scoring this past year at just under 20 points per game.  He was named the Capitol North Conference Player of the Year and plans on playing college basketball at UW-Platteville.

Three more Cardinals also received All-Capitol North honors.  Senior Alex Campbell got a 2nd team nod, while senior Ryan Schulte and junior Caden Brunell were Honorable Mention choices.

2019-20 All-Capitol North Boys Basketball Team

1st Team

Ben Emler                       Columbus                 6’5” Senior – Player of the Year

Charlie Bender                    Lake Mills                 6’3” Junior

Jack Persike                         Lodi                            6’1” Senior

Adam Moen                         Lake Mills                 6’4” Junior

Mike Herrington                 Lake Mills                 6’1” Senior


2nd Team

Trey Traeder                        Lodi                            6’3” Junior

Carter Schneider                Lakeside Lutheran 6’ Senior

Nik Feller                              Poynette                   6’5” Junior

Alex Campbell                  Columbus                 5’9” Senior

Nate DeGalley                     Watertown Luther Prep 6’2” Senior


Honorable Mention Selections

Drew Stoddard                   Lake Mills                 6’ Junior

Logan Richards                   Lodi                            6’ Senior

Ryan Schulte                        Columbus                 5’9” Senior

Kelby Peterson                    Poynette                   5’11” Junior

Caden Brunell                     Columbus                 5’9” Junior

Ian Olszewski                       Lakeside Lutheran 6’ Junior