Emergency Sirens In Lomira Repaired

5/17/17 – Emergency sirens in Lomira have been repaired following two incidents this month that caused the sirens to sound. Lomira Police Chief Christopher Mireski says the village experienced mechanical problems on May 5 and again on May 15 that resulted in officials being unable to turn off the severe weather warning sirens. They were blaring for 15-to-20 minutes in each instance. He says the equipment was repaired by Frontier Communications and the Lomira Department of Public Works. The problem stemmed from a wiring issue related to the phone communications system operated by Frontier and not a problem with the sirens themselves. Mireski says that he has been assured that the wiring problem has been repaired and the sirens are fully functional. However, if there is another occurrence he encourages residents to go to the website or Facebook page for the village of Lomira website or the police departments Facebook page.