Emergency Management Officials Encourage Public To Prepare For Cold Weather

(Dodge County) Local emergency management officials are encouraging residents to prepare for the cold weather hitting the region. They say travel is discouraged but if you must go out, make sure to have an emergency kit that includes extra blankets and plenty of warm clothes.

They also suggest checking on the elderly who may slip and fall when getting the mail. Letting children play outside is not recommended, with emergency management officials noting that frostbite can begin on exposed skin within five to 10 minutes in these extreme temperatures.

Other tips include keeping fuel tanks full and do not run heaters off extension cords because they are not heavy enough to handle the electric load and may cause a fire.

Emergency management officials say if you see someone out in the cold that is unusually under-dressed, appears confused, shivering, and is having difficulties speaking, check on them and call for help right away.


Photo courtesy of the National Weather Service website