Election Official: Absentee Ballots Received By Mail Can Be Returned In Person

(Juneau) Local election officials say voters have some things to keep in mind when it comes to absentee voting and in-person voting. Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson told us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment that absentee ballots can be requested by mail now and will be sent out just as soon as they are printed and made available on or around September 18.

Gibson says once received, an absentee ballot can immediately be returned. Gibson says just because you receive an absentee ballot by mail does not mean you have to return the ballot by mail as the ballot can be brought into your local municipal clerk’s office. And if that is the route you take, you can return that ballot right away but no later than the end of in-person voting.

That absentee ballot could also technically be brought to the polls but that point Gibson says you might as well just get a fresh ballot. She notes that at the polls, voters who make a mistake can request up to three ballots. When voting by mail, Gibson warns that you only get one chance and there are several ways to make a mistake. One of the biggest though involves the photo ID.  She reminds voters that they need to include a copy of a photo ID when requesting an absentee ballot.

In-person voting starts no earlier than 14 days before the election and allows voters to obtain and cast a ballot directly with a municipal clerk. Voters who obtain a ballot in-person must cast the ballot that day, cannot the office leave with a ballot and must also remember a photo ID.

By law, ballots must be available at least 47 days prior to the election so that they can get to military and overseas voters.

Voters are encouraged to visit the myvote.wi.gov website to check their voter status, register to vote and/or request an absentee ballot.