Elected Officials In Juneau To Revisit Per Meeting Stipend

7/26/17 – Elected officials in Juneau will make another attempt to increase their per meeting stipend. Earlier this month, the council voted 4-to-2 to bring their yearly base salary up to what it had been during the recession when they approved a pay cut. After the next election, alderpersons will make $1200, up $200, while the mayor will get $6000, up from $5000. A subsequent vote to increase the per meeting stipend from $25 to $40 failed 4-to-3 with the mayor casting the tie-breaking vote against the hike. Mayor Dan Wegener brought the matter back to the city’s Personnel Committee last night. Wegener says he supports the stipend increase but voted against it because it should have been unanimous. Committee Chair Kay Marose agreed noting last night that Juneau alderpersons make only 66-percent of what their counterparts in Horicon and Fox Lake are paid, which makes it difficult to attract new blood. The vote to increase the per meeting stipend will be brought back before the Juneau Common Council at this September meeting. That one month delay is intended to fill a vacant council position next month so that a full council can vote on the change.