East Central Select Sires Seeking Merger

(Waupun) Two well-known and successful agricultural cooperatives in the upper Midwest have signed an intent to merge. The board of directors for East Central/Select Sires, in Waupun Wisconsin, and NorthStar Cooperative of Lansing Michigan, are working toward unifying the two business entities under the name CentralStar Cooperative Inc.

Currently, East Central/Select Sires serves dairy and beef producers in southern Wisconsin while NorthStar Cooperative serves dairy and beef producers in northern Wisconsin, Michigan, and parts of Indiana.

The goal of the merger is to combine cooperatives and create an even greater value for members and customers.

Steve Abel, President of the board of directors for East Central Select Sires says “Employees will see advantages, by combining employee numbers from both cooperatives, we can use economies of scale in areas such as benefits, insurance, and technology.  There will be more opportunity for career development, and with expanded services, employees will benefit from providing more value to customers.

NorthStar Cooperative and East Central/Select Sires will follow their governing

documents and conduct a vote of the common stockowners at NorthStar Cooperative and delegates from East Central/Select Sires, to approve the merger with voting to occur in early 2019.  Upon a positive vote, merging business operations will begin May 1.