East Central Select Sires and Northstar Coop Merge

(Waupun) Two well-known and successful agricultural cooperatives in the upper Midwest have voted to merge. This vote comes just two months after the board of directors for East Central/Select Sires, in Waupun Wisconsin, and NorthStar Cooperative of Lansing Michigan, announced their decision to unify the two business entities under the name CentralStar Cooperative Inc.

Currently, East Central/Select Sires serves dairy and beef producers in southern Wisconsin while NorthStar Cooperative serves dairy and beef producers in northern Wisconsin, Michigan, and parts of Indiana.


“The next step is for employees and management staff to iron out logistics in

preparation for the May 1, 2019, merger date,” says Steve Abel, president of East

Central/Select Sires board of directors. “Inventory organization, delivery, accounting, communication, customer care, and employee benefits are just a few of the areas in discussion. This process is difficult but will be very rewarding.


CentralStar will focus on enhancing producer profitability through integrated services, providing Accelerated Genetics, extensive artificial-insemination technician service; genetic consultation; reproduction services and more. All current business locations will remain open for the foreseeable future.