EAA Air Venture Starts Tomorrow

About 10-thousand planes will fly into Oshkosh for the annual E-A-A Air-Venture Show which starts on Monday. But the biggest traffic problems could be with motor vehicles on the ground. Highway 41, which is close to the show grounds on the south edge of Oshkosh, has construction nearby. And the state D-O-T is telling show-goers to plan for extra time to get through the road work and the resulting heavy traffic. Officials say road work will be suspended during the week-long E-A-A show. But the speed limit will still be reduced to 55-miles-an-hour from just north of the show-grounds at Ninth Avenue to Breezewood Lane in Neenah. Also ramps to-and-from Highway 21 will remain closed. The D-O-T said the heaviest traffic is expected on Monday and Friday of next week. Officials also said it would be smart for drivers to plan alternate routes.