Drunk Driver Racing To Family Crisis Sentenced

3/10/12 – A Milwaukee man woke up to an early morning phone call last April telling him that his step-father had died. Tony Godbolt II had spent the night before at a friends 21st birthday party in Oshkosh but immediately got in the car with his girlfriend and headed south on State Highway 41 to comfort his mother. While en route, around 6am, he hit a patch of black ice in the Town of Lomira, and his car rolled four or five times before coming to a rest. Neither occupant was wearing a seatbelt. Godbolt was OK but his girlfriend was ejected. He dragged her unconscious body from a bloody pool in the middle of the highway to the side of the road as a second car – unaware of the wreckage – struck their overturned vehicle. His 20-year-old girlfriend spent untold days at Froedtert Hospital in critical condition with numerous broken bones. Godbolt had a blood alcohol level that was over the legal limit for driving at point-zero-nine-five (.095). Witnesses on the road that morning say they were driving 70mph and Godbolt’s vehicle flew past them. Friday morning in a Dodge County courtroom, Godbolt pleaded “guilty” to a charge of Injury by Intoxicated Use of a Vehicle While Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance. Two other felony charges were dismissed on a prosecutor’s motion while a misdemeanor charge of Operating without a Valid License was dismissed but read into the record. A five-year prison sentence was imposed and stayed and Godbolt will instead serve a nine month jail sentence with Huber privileges.