Drugs Found On Beaver Dam Man Following Crash

5/9/17 – A Beaver Dam man has been charged with possessing illegal drugs. Jason Feuling is facing one felony count of Possession of Narcotic Drugs as well as misdemeanor charges for Possession of Cocaine and Drug Paraphernalia. Last Saturday, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Officer received a call of a suspicious van sitting in water at the intersection of County Trunk Highway E and County Trunk Highway A. According to the criminal complaint, officers made contact with Feuling at the scene who identified himself as the driver and said a tie rod may have snapped causing him to lose control. Officer’s noticed Feuling had trouble standing and conducted a field sobriety test. Fueling reportedly had difficulties completing several of the tasks and afterwards they placed him under arrest for operating while impaired. The 44-year-old was transported to the hospital for bloodwork, where he began acting strangely and was hallucinating. He then pulled out his IV and ran from the hospital. An officer tracked Feuling down in the parking lot and transported him to the Dodge County Detention Facility where a metal container containing a gram of brown rocks and a wad of crumpled paper with a gram of white colored rocks was recovered. Both tested positive for heroin and cocaine. In a urine sample, Feuling also allegedly tested positive for cocaine, opiates and THC. If convicted, Feuling faces over three years in prison and over $15-thousand dollars in fines. Bond was set at $1000 and a judge will decide next month if there is enough evidence to order a trial.