Doyle Touts Courtroom Record On Community Comment

3/29/17 – Judicial candidate Randy Doyle touted his record of courtroom experience when he was our guest yesterday on WBEV’s Community Comment. The Beaver Dam attorney is running for Dodge County Circuit Court judge. Doyle is a Tennessee-native and Marquette Law School graduate who has been practicing in the Dodge County-area for the past 15 years after previously working in the Waukesha County District Attorney’s Office. He has handled around 3000 trial court cases, including 900 criminal cases and family cases – the majority of which were in Dodge County – from the smallest matters of disorderly conduct to a mandatory life-prison sentence case. At a Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum last week, Doyle was criticized by his opponent for a lack of diversity in the types of cases he has taken in his practice. Among the cases cited: 96 small claim collections, one criminal case representing a child pornography suspect, one divorce, and a forfeiture. Doyle told us yesterday that the assertion shows a lack of understanding of how a regular law practice in Dodge County operates. Doyle says there is not a lack of diversity in his practice and the numbers just do not add up. He says there are a lot more small claim cases on his plate than other cases because they are filed in bulk by a collections agency that he represents. Doyle notes that he does not represent credit card and insurance companies but instead local, community businesses that need to collect the money owed to them for the materials, goods and services they provide so that they can pay their employees. Listen to the entire interview here: