Downed Mayville Tornado Siren Will Be Repaired In July

(Mayville) An area in Mayville will be without the services of a tornado siren until next month. The siren located on Breckenridge and Wisconsin was struck by lightning in early May and will not be operational again until late July. Police Chief Jim Ketchem says once they found out about the issue he immediately contacted their vendor and insurance company to begin the process of repairing the siren.  Ketchem says area first responders will be ready to notify citizens in the area if there is an emergency situation. He says if a tornado is imminent the department will send more squad cars and coordinate with other local emergency services to help get the warning out. Ketchem does offer a few suggestions to keep local residents prepared for the possibility of a tornado. He says people should stay tuned to their radios and televisions for alerts and keep an ear out for the city’s other tornado sirens. The Mayville Common Council approved this week to use $3,000 thousand dollars from the general fund to pay for the replacement siren while the insurance company is covering the other $15,000.