Dousman Man Charged With His Seventh OWI

(Juneau) A Dousman man was charged Friday with his seventh operating while intoxicated offense. Mark Gromer is also facing felony Bail Jumping charges for the May 16 incident. According to the criminal complaint, a Juneau police officer noticed a vehicle pull away from the Highway Shop around 11:55am in Juneau travelling at speeds he believed to be excessive. Police observed odd driving behavior as well as the vehicle roll through a stop sign and noticed the driver failed to use a turn signal. The officer ran the vehicle’s plate which showed that the registered owner had a suspended license. A traffic stop was conducted and when the deputy made contact with Gromer he allegedly noticed a strong odor of intoxicants. Gromer reportedly admitted to drinking at around 3-or-4am earlier that morning. The 47-year-old submitted to a preliminary breath test which returned a reading of point-one-zero-seven (.107). If convicted, Gromer is facing no more than 18-and-a-half years in prison. A judge will decide later this month if there is enough evidence to order a trial.