Dolan Named As Top 100 Most Influential People

4/22/12 – Cardinal Tim Dolan, a former Catholic Archbishop in Milwaukee, was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people. Dolan has headed the Archdiocese of New York for almost three years. And Time said Dolan has done what few other Catholic leaders have done in recent years – put his church back in the center of the national political conversation. Time was referring to Dolan’s battle with the Obama White House over health coverage for contraceptives. Dolan responded on his blog, quote, “The only influence I might have comes from faith, prayer, family, friends, and the ones I serve.” Dolan headed the ten-county Milwaukee Archdiocese, which includes Dodge County, from 2002-to-’09. He’ll return in nine days for a Mass-of-Thanksgiving, which recognizes his elevation to cardinal a few weeks ago