DOJ Report: Vossekuil Not A Suspect In Fraud Case

(Mayville) A State Department of Justice report indicates Mayville Police Chief Ryan Vossekuil is not a suspect in a case involving the alteration of documents by a former city police chief. In the report obtained by WBEV-WXRO, Assistant Attorney General Shelly Rusch states that she had reviewed the entire investigation and determined that Vossekuil did not commit any criminal acts.

It all stemmed from a Public Safety Committee meeting in September, when Mayor Rob Boelk said then-Acting Chief Vossekuil was aware that a crime had been committed, failed to report the crime, and failed to take action. The comments were made in reference to former Police Chief Chris MacNeill, who was convicted of misdemeanor Forgery for altering documents in 2011 to help the family member of a former police officer get into the army.

According to the DOJ report, investigators first became aware of a complaint against MacNeill in September of 2016. The Watertown Police Department, who handled the internal investigation, mentioned in their findings that MacNeill admitted his actions to Vossekuil sometime between October and November of 2016. Boelk told us last night, he made those comments in strict reference to the Watertown Police Department findings only.

Following Boelk’s comments this past September, Vossekuil told us that he never conducted an investigation nor looked for the report because he felt the Justice Department would take care of it. According to our review of the DOJ report, Vossekuil was not aware of the violation until after the investigation was underway. Vossekuil said any attempts by him to inform other people about the situation would have obstructed their investigation.

Recently, the common council rejected a notice of claim by Vossekuil seeking $50-thousand dollars along with attorney fees and a retraction from Boelk. Vossekuil could still bring a lawsuit against the city at any time. Vossekuil did not immediately return our calls requesting a comment.