DOJ Report Explains Time Lapse In Mayville Police Chief Fraud Case

(Mayville) A review of state Justice Department documents obtained by WBEV-WXRO has painted a clearer timeline of the events surrounding the fraud conviction of former Mayville Police Chief Chris MacNeill. MacNeill changed a police report from being a “drug possession” case to a “medication violation” to help the family member of a former Mayville police officer get into the Army. As we reported earlier, former Mayville Police Chief William Linzenmeyer Sr, who retired in 2011, brought the altered document to the attention of the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation in 2016. There had been questions about why he waited so long to report the crime. According to the DOJ report, Linzenmeyer had long suspected that the original report would be altered.

In a DOJ interview with a Mayville police clerk last year, the clerk informed investigators that prior to Linzenmeyer’s retirement, he had asked her to watch for any changes to the original report. She noted that MacNeill and Linzenmeyer did not get along and added that Linzenmeyer was always saying that he was going to go after MacNeill. After retiring from Mayville in June of 2011, Linzenmeyer went on to become chief of the Neosho, Rubicon, and Ashippun Police Department, the NRA. Linzenmeyer made a copy of the original police report and, right before his retirement, he confirmed that it was the same as the report on file.

In August of 2016, an officer who works for both Mayville and the NRA showed Linzenmeyer the report in question and Linzenmeyer found it to be completely different from the original. When asked by investigators why he kept the original report, Linzenmeyer said that in his 30 years of law enforcement, he had never been asked by anyone to alter a report, so it really stuck in his head and he released a copy of the case to himself. In February of 2017, the Justice Department executed a search warrant at the Mayville Police Station. At that time, Linzenmeyer told Mayor Rob Boelk that he did not come forward with the information in 2011 because he did not have all the details.